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Patio Door Curtains - Benefits And Disadvantages

If you have just moved to a home with a patio, also called veranda, you have come to realize that you need patio door curtains that will not only decorate your door and enhance the ambient of your room but also keep your privacy intact from any peeping Tom around the house.

There are many types of patio door treatments that you can effectively install in your home and curtains and draperies are just one of them. You can also find patio door blinds and patio door drapes, as well as patio door panel curtains. Also the curtains themslves have many styles including the so popular country style curtains or the casual window curtains. With such a big variety to buy in retail stores and online, how do you know which is the best type to install?

 Here you will find great tips and advice on choosing the best patio door curtains for your home. Choosing from the many styles of sliding door curtains, french door curtains, sliding glass door curtains should be easy with these tips.

You will get an overview of each type and also review some additional accessories that you will need, and will give the benefits I found to work well for each one separately. Also you will find installation and cleaning tips along with various brands that I have reviewed so you can get the best when you are ready to buy your new window treatments.

However, as we speak right now of curtains, let's see what are the reason why you'd want to decorate a patio door with curtains instead of using other window treatment types.

Benefits of using patio door curtains

patio door curtainsFirst of all curtains have a way of enhancing the decoration of any room. They really know how to spruce up your space. For decorative purposes I prefer curtains over blinds every day.

The curtains have two main aspects to them. First of all there are the many types of fabrics that they are available in, including the various colors, patterns and shades, and then there are the actual curtain poles.

If you think that poles are boring, think again. They come in metal, wood and many other materials that will give your room a fresh outlooks. Not only that but curtains an extra appeal when installed over the patio doors.

They cover not only the actual door area but you can get really creative there and decorate the door to your heart's content.

Then you have the issue of installing or re-installing in case of a home redecoration or renovation. Curtains are extremely easy to install and remove from the door. Also if you are bored of them and want to replace them with new ones with more pfiff or something that better matches your home decor, you can do so quite effortlessly.

For example you might want to use different types of patio door curtains during the hot summer months as compared to the cold winder seasons.

What about cleaning? Curtains are easy to maintain and clean simply because all you need in most cases is use a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner to get the dust from them. You might need a bit more work when it comes to the curtain poles, however there is really no big deal about them.

Another issue is cost. As I mentioned before there are homeownes who like to replace their patio door curtains every now and then, at least when they redecorate their room. If the window treatments are expensive, not many people will be able to afford them and do this exercise. However you are in luck with the curtains as the fabric is less expensive than the material of other patio window treatment types.insulated patio door curtains

Not only that but you can have the curtain poles last you for many years without breaking or having a maintenance problem. They are really more reliable than other types in the long run.

Finally the curtains provide your room with an effective insulation that other window treatment types might not be able to easily give you. Depending on the season they can really keep out the hot or cold and also keep out any annoying noises from outside.

I have seen some people add thicker material to their curtains to provide their homes with an even better insulation and privacy with the use of blackout curtains, and this trick really works!

To not neglect any negative aspects of having patio door curtains, here are some of the things you need to pay attention to when having them in your home.

Disadvantages of patio door curtains

If the weather is windy outside, when you open the patio door the curtain will get sucked out the doorway. That wouldn't be a problem in itself except for the fact that it can easily snag on any sharp edges it will find in its path, including patio door handles and door locks. One solution to this problem is having side panels that hang down the sides of the doors so they can be secured in order to stay in place.

Also you need to remember that patio doors are usually busy doors. This jmeans that the curtains should be easy to draw, so using tab tops or pocket drapes are out. For example you can have instead a pole with rings or even a traverse rod that works quite well in place.

Finally if you have children or pets around, your better choice might be to use a verstical stacking honeycomb shade that will make it much easier to use the door by everyone.

Now you know the good and the bad about using patio door curtains in your home. If you decide to buy them, you will definitely have a long lasting pleasure from using and seeing them every day on your patio doors.

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