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Benefits Of Wood Shutters For Your Patio Doors

Wood shutters made by Hunter Douglas and other manufacturers are used in general as patio door curtains either on the inside or the outside of the door. Wood shutters have a quality feel to them that is not quite matched by anything else in look and feel.

There is a tendency nowadays to select vinyl shutters for patio door window treatments, however the truth is that really nothing matches the look and feel of hardwood. There is always a time when the shutters need replacement, and many homeowners are turning to wood shutters made by quality manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas.

Depending on the style of your living room, wood shutters can be either painted or stained. A more rustic and Western style home will look much better with stained shutters, while a modern type goes best with painted ones. It really depends on the look you want to achieve in your room to get the best results with your shutters.

Hunter Douglas wood shuttersWhat you need to pay attention to when buying your wood shutters is that they should have a protective sealant that helps withstand any harsh weather conditions in case the shutters are installed on the outside.

You can find many different types of treatments at your local DIY hardware store that will allow you to give your shutters all the protection needed to last you for many years.

In case you are using the shutters within you home, of course you won't need any such sealants. You can easily leave them either in their natural condition, or paint or stain them, depending on the look you want to achieve. When installed on the inside just like patio door curtains, they will truly enhance the look of your patio door or even windows along with offering a great double functionality: plenty of light and privacy for your home.
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Installing your Hunter Douglas wood shutters is quite easy and the same can be said about opening and closing them. No wonder so many homeowners have switched from other materials to wood when it comes to shutters.

Here in a nutshell the range of benefits and advantages that wood shutters will offer you for your patio doors and windows:

  • Wood shutters can easily last a life time. As you won't have to keep replacing them, you will save money in the process. When you buy your shutters make sure to ask for warranty and see if the manufacturer gives you life time warranty for them. Most do as they truly trust and are proud of their products.
  • They are very easy to clean and maintain. All you need is simply dust them just like any piece of wood furniture. As wood is known to be a natural insulating material, it adds a separate layer of insulation to your windows or patio doors. This is especially great for patio doors since they have a large area of exposed glass.
  • Shutters can be closed very tightly so you have full control over how much light enters your home. This also helps avoid material fading that usually happens with other curtains and drapes types.
  • This also means that your privacy is protected at all times. Privacy and home security is very important with homeowners so when you correctly adjust your window slats, noone can see inside, however you can easily see outside of your home. It's ery easy to open and close your slats and it's also very quiet, they give out practically no noise at all.
  • The fact that they have great insulation also offers you an energy efficient solution for your patio doors, especially with the upcoming winter.

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