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Outdoor Shades - Introduction To The Sun Shades Types For Your Patio

Since patios come in different sizes and shapes, outdoor shades also come in different configurations. The very definition of what makes a patio can be loosely interpreted. However, it is important to restrict what constitutes a patio so that one can make an appropriate choice of shades for your outdoors. Therefore, a patio will be recognized as an exterior and open space near a house and a paved area at that too.

There are different ways of providing shades for patios. The common needs, however, are the same: reducing harmful solar radiation, reducing direct sunlight, providing a cool, open area and extending the living space of a house.

Factors that weigh in on the choice of outdoor patio shades include cost, available space, the prevailing weather and family size. A broad classification identifies two types of shades for your patio: those that are structural and those that are attachable. Structural patio shades are part of the building.

They are permanent and are designed and built alongside the house. Attachable shades are the commoner type. The most popular of this type are pergolas, awnings and canopies.

Types Of Outdoor Shades For Your Patio

  • Pergolas are outdoor shades which are more or less permanent. They are solid columns put in the ground and bearing overhead slats. Therefore, they are somewhat structural and only provide incomplete shading. This is desirable in certain areas where diffused sunlight is necessary especially in the early mornings and evenings, when it is warm instead of hot. They cost more than the other types and are more difficult to replace. Pergolas are especially suited to houses with extensive open space. You should also note that they will not provide adequate cover against rain but they will withstand strong winds.
  • Awnings function as outdoor patio shades with or without a large window to install them over. Of course, they serve a double purpose when placed over such a window. Here, they provide outdoor shelter and reduce the sunlight streaming inside through the window. Awnings are attached to the patio with two poles holding out a shade which may be retractable. Awnings as outdoor patio shades are easy to install and are an affordable option. These days, there are different kinds of awnings and it is possible to unfurl and deploy their shades as is fitting.
  • outdoor shadesCanopies are free-standing structures unlike awnings. They rest on the ground and are not sunken like pergolas. They are best described as tent-like and can be quickly erected and taken down. When left outside, they may not be able to withstand very strong winds and can so be damaged. However, they can provide considerable cover for a large number of people. These sun shades are more suited as temporary outdoor patio shades to provide a basic cover against the weather for a party. As a result of their impermanence, canopies can quickly be scaled according to the present need for outdoor space.
  • Sun umbrellas, also called solar umbrellas, are a bit like canopies. They too can be damaged by heavy rain and strong wind. They are rather simple in construction but they provide adequate shade when needed and can be used near a pool. They provide a smaller cover and need sturdy bases to hold them down.
  • Lastly, there are aesthetic sail shades. These are fabrics of varying shapes stretched over skeleton frames. They are canvases that can be deployed in various configurations. For the artistic, these shades make great impressions as outdoor patio shades and are fun to put up.

There is, therefore, no lack of options for outdoor shades for your patio or backyard. For every occasion, every need and every budget, there is a perfect patio shade.

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