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Patio Door Blinds - Great Insulation Solution For Your Patio Door

When it comes to decorating your patio doors, there are several interesting choices that you can look at, and one of them is using patio door blinds.

I say interesting because indeed, that's what all these patio door window treatments are. Regardless of the type you go for in the end, you will end up with something to be proud of, something that will truly enhance the look and ambient of any room with a patio door.

Whether you go for patio door blinds, patio door curtains or patio door drapes, manufacturers have made modern looking window treatment that any homeowner will be proud to have.

Nevertheless, there are some basic differences in function and decor that the patio door blinds have in comparison with other window treatments for your patio door. Below we will be looking at the advantages of having blinds and why you should go for them.

Benefits of using patio door blinds

Years ago the notion of window blinds brought to everyone's mind something ugly, plain looking that was there as basic window coverings. They were functional indeed, however in terms of design and decoration, they were heavily lacking. Nowadays though the situation is completely different.

There are many modern looking blinds that will match well your particular room decor. For example you can go for vinyl blinds and blinds made of cloth fabric. There are many colors and patterns available that can be made to exactly complement any furniture texture and covering in the room.

vinyl vertical blindsNext you have the aluminum vertical blinds or vinyl vertical blinds. These are perfect for any modern and contemporary rooms that have plenty of space with a bit of black or gray furniture that matches the shade of aluminum.

To make sure that your blinds will hang nicely and not curl or swing, you can easily find quality vertical blinds that have weight at the bottom. This will allow them to hang better from the door and also looking more elegant with the extra weight added to them.

Here is a Youtube video on the using of venetian blinds with sliding patio doors


faux wood vertical blindsIf you want to give your room a woodsy, earthy look, you can do so with the patio door blinds. Whether using real wood blinds or faux wood blinds, the choice is yours and you're mostly limited by price and your budget.

However don't think that buying a faux wood blind will make your living room look less elegant as you'd be wrong. Nowadays faux wood is just as good looking as hardwood and one will not notice any visible difference between the two.

If you do want to go for real wood, you can easily get yourself bamboo blinds that give your room a light tropical and relaxing tone. You can find bamboo patio door blinds in various related materials including woven wood, real bamboo, rattan and reeds.

Another aspect of using patio door blinds is their good insulation property. Just like with patio door curtains, there are blinds, such as the cellular blinds that offer real good insulation from the cold air of winter. The insulation also helps with blocking the annoying outside noise. Cellular blinds also keep the unwanted strong light from the room and keep it cool in summer.

Some people like softening the look of the blinds by simply adding some patio door curtains with light fabric such as swag, scarf or even panel curtains. You can go with fabrics that are either in solid color or lightly or heavily patterned, the choice is up to you.

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