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Patio Door Panels - For Easier Access To Your Patio By You Or Your Pet

Patio door panels are basically any patio door types that is made of several parts, or of several panels. For example this includes one panel sliding in front of the other one or in front of several others. You can have doors made of 2 or 3 panels, as these are the most common options for your outdoor. With proper window treatments they can really enhance the look of any room they are placed in.

patio door panelsUsually patio door panels are mounted on tracks that enabled them to properly slide into place. They truly look great as patio doors but also protect against any horizontal or vertical vibrations that can be caused by strong winds or pets and children trying to knock them down.

This method of installation allows for a better quality and greater durability which enables any home feel more safe and secure from intruders.

There are several types of patio door panels on the market, and some of the most common ones are tab panels. Basically due to the way they are installed, tab panels look more like patio door curtains with a fabric than actual doors, even though they are solid.

They are much prettier than the traditional door systems and many home owners have started implementing them as their own patio doors.

These panels are not very cheap though simply because they are rather complex, really elegant looking and quite rare up till now. If you go for individual patio doors for your room, be prepared to spend around $100, however if you want something more elegant and sophisticated and much larger, it might cost you a price as much as $1000 at times.

However if you feel you want to go for the cheaper alternative, don't forget that the more expensive type will greatly add to the realtor value of your home, so should you ever want to sell your house, buyers will always be prepared to pay more for these kinds of carefully done extras on the homes interior and exterior.

pet patio door panelsNowadays there are even pet patio door panels, which are perfect for when you have pet in your home. This means that you no longer need to cut holes in your regular doors to allow pets to enter or exit your house. You no longer need to modify the framing of your sliding  glass patio door either. cat mate patio door panel

When you have a pet such as a dog or cat, and you want to install one of these doors, it is important to know that your track height is actually in your door's adjustment range and that the size and the rise of your flap is just right for your dog.

Most pet patio door panels have a heavy duty construction of aluminium with a corrosion resistant powder coat finish. They have a are shatter resistant and tempered safety glass so dogs can't easily break them.  Very easy to install. They have a lockable flap that is quite silent, so it doens't frighten or scare away your pets.

It is interesting to note that many people use the term patio door panels as heavy curtains. Even Amazon is guilty of doing it.

Replacing patio door panels

Eventually you might need to replace your patio door panels because the door became either cracked or broken. You can, of course, also replace the entire door section, however many homeowners have discovered that it is much cheaper to replace the single doors instead.

Luckily you can find replacement doors pretty much at any do it yourself home improvement stores or alternatively you can contact the manufacturer directly for buying from them spare doors.

One problem that people have found is how to lift up the panels since the glass doors are quite heavy.

This is what you need to do to remove the old door panels in just a few quick steps:

  • Slide the door panel right to the middle of the door opening
  • Unscrew the screws at the top and bottom of the panel. This will enable the rollers to simply fall down from the track, so that you can take out the door panel easier.
  • Now pull both sides of the door panel up right until the bottom edge is out of its tracks

To add the new door panels this is what you do:

  • First add the top part of the new door panel into the top track
  • Now pull the door upwards until you can easily push the panel bottom into the bottom door track
  • Once the door is in, you need to tighten the screws of the roller so that the door is nicely snug in its place between the two tracks
  • Ensure that the door is properly aligned by sliding the panel a little back and forth in the track. Make sure that in the process the door is not catching on the tracks. Should this happen or should the door does stick on the tracks, simply adjust the screws until the panels can easily slide along the tracks without any hickups.  

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