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Patio Door Shades - To Keep Summer Heat Outside Where It Belongs

Patio door shades are perfect to keep the summer heat out so you can enjoy the coolness of the room. There are many types available today, starting from temporary shades, to various permanent shades such as the cellular shades, vertical blinds and Roman shades.

cellular Redi shadeFirst of all, what is the deal with the temporary shades as they seem to be quite popular window treatments for patio doors nowadays? There are a couple of occasions when you want to use such a temporary window treatment. For example, let's say you've just moved to a new house.

Just purchasing the home, the furniture and the actual move has cost you quite a lot, and you're still recovering from the costs, which is quite common with new homeowners. Usually homes, particularly those that have also a patio or a backyard, have many doors and windows of glass.

Temporary patio door shades also called Redi celllular shades (made by this Redi manufacturer) are perfect to install for a while until you can slowly-slowly replace them with some permanent patio door blinds or patio door curtains.

Another way they are used is simply by installing them during the summer and taking them off once the big heat wave is over. Many people are using this way since these temporary shades are quite cheap to buy, so they are easily affordable.

Also there are people who actually keep these shades as their permanent patio door blinds with success, particularly when there is no need to constantly open them. The fact that these shades don't look cheap at all makes them a favorite with quite a lot of property owners. And the fact that they are extremely easy to work with, meaning that they are super easy to install, makes using them for many occasions a no brainer.

To adjust their width you can use a regular pair of sharp scissors to cut them to size. To install them all you need is to peel of the backing on the sticker at the top and then stick them to the top of your patio doors. That's all there is to it.

The only problem with using them on a temporary basis is the fact that when you want to demount them, the strong cement glue is not so easy to be removed so there is a remaining residue left behind that needs to be afterward scraped away.

Some of the permanent patio door shades are cellular shades. Patio doors are quite difficult to decorate at times, as you not only want to let in as much light as possible, but also keep the extra sun glare and the heat out, while at the same time keeping your privacy intact. So the cellular shades are truly perfect for patio doors.

Hunter Douglass Honeycomb ShadeMaybe the most popular patio door cellular shades are the vertical Honeycomb ones by Hunter Douglass. They are perfect for any sliding glass doors and large windows that have a side to side opening.

Covering patio doors and room dividers such as French doors is perfect with these cellular shades as the opaque fabric is able to block up to 99% of the incoming light. Privacy is truly ensured with these shades for the patio sliding doors. Also if you want to eliminate the glare in the room when you are watching TV, using these shades is a must.Vertidraw vertical cellular shades

Also the Cellular Vertidraw semi-opaque shades are great for patio doors or room dividers. The main difference between this and the Hunter Douglass shades is the fact that these do let in some light. So if you want to have some light in the room, but still keep your privacy intact, you can safely use them.

You can let the shade to gather the stack either on the left or right when you open the window. Currently you can find up to 15 different colors and patterns available. My favorite one is the Solids Ocean Waters.

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