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Ideas For Patio Window Curtains

The ideal patio window curtains should be both functional and aesthetic. A great window curtain can also be beautiful and your patio should be both screened and adorned. There are a number of fitting themes and the one you select should complement your decor. The good thing about curtains is that unlike drapes, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Since curtains are a fairly affordable choice too, you can afford to experiment with them and from time to time give your home and your patio a new look.

Your choice of material for curtains for your patio windows can either be lightweight or heavy fabrics. Light fabrics are usually transparent and add a dreamy touch to your home. They are great especially during seasons of mild weather. Heavy curtains on the other hand effectively screen your window. They may look luxuriant if you should choose a soft feel one. They are ideal as insulators either to keep out cold or heat.

A popular curtain choice among homeowners is the classic style. Patio door curtains made out of cotton are classics that come in variations of colors and prints. The patterns on classic curtains make for a less adventurous but no less satisfying choice for your patio windows.

With them, it is easy for you to find matching colors and tones for your home decor. For a touch of elegance, you may go with ones with lacy hems to give a country ambiance to your patio.

Chic curtains are of different motifs. They are not as plain as classic ones but are close and by adding faux flower or jewels and beads to the fabric, they contrast well with their own white fabrics. The dash of luxury will sit well in a home with varied decor.

Spanish or other ethnic designs make for bold and exotic curtains. These are usually colorful and feature recurrent themes that may satisfy your nostalgia or create a foreign setting for your patio. They are an affordable way of creating a distinct impression and cultivating a vibrant taste in an otherwise plain decor.

Toile and lace curtains create an unmistakable romantic aura. Diffused light streaming through your patio window coupled with the light sway in a slight wind make for a sensual setting. The effect is made all the more magical especially on a moonlight night which makes this an irresistible theme for everyone who experiences it.

patio window curtainsSilk, velvet or faux silk curtains give a royal impression especially when chosen in the right colors. Deep shades of red, gold and black give a luxurious ambiance while soft tones of white, cream, pink and yellow add a playful innocence to your patio and decor.

Sheer beach designs are another popular patio window curtain theme. By adding features of aquatic life forms, you can recreate an open, airy feel of the beach.

Common motifs include seashells, clams, fish, dolphins and sharks. You can even extend the theme to accessories such as tie backs which can be clasps of seashell.

Given the choice of ideas for your patio curtains, it can be difficult coming to a decision. However, when you determine your budget for the patio window makeover and determine how you will like your curtains to complement other design elements in your living space, it should be obvious which themes to go with.

Should you like more than one, remember curtains are easy on the purse, so it is possible and affordable to cycle through your choices. With curtains, you never have to stick with one look for your patio windows.

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